the successful program for top managers and athletes

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How does it work?

The quality of feelings is crucial to the quantity of motivation to reach a goal.

The three tools of Neurocoaching

1. Neurofeedback

People delivering top performance always reveal similar brain wave patterns and produce specific frequences closely related to relaxation, i.e. slow brain waves. Neurofeedback makes use of this knowledge.

Neurofeedback is an interactive brain wave training, originally developed for astronauts at NASA. It is the most efficient and most modern mental training technique.

Neurofeedback is based on the effect of postive feedback in the brain, where particular brain waves are trained by the computer. During this process, the brain will be rewarded with pictures on the screen and various sounds (specific video sequences, e.g. of a particular combination of movements, can be played and trained mentally). In the course of this, the brain learns to produce requested frequences increasingly and pointedly.

You will find further information here: Reference from Dr. Beat Villiger

2. Self-Coaching Tool

The Self-Coaching Tool is a mental training technique. In a few steps with a common thread, you will be instructed to successful mental working. An exercise takes 10-15 minutes. By focusing on your very personal issues, you gain clarity on your situation. You will release energy which helps you to reach predefined objectives.

The Self-Coaching Tool is an important functional part of Neurocoaching. The method is structured simply, easy to learn and can be realized according to your individual needs. For a lasting impact, the corresponding exercises can be applied any time, any place as required.

3. Sensitivity Coaching

Sensitivity Coaching is all about recognizing the conscious or unconscious resistances regarding your aims. After becoming aware of the resistances hindering the achievement of objectives, the user has to come to terms with those. The target of Sensitivity Coaching is to release personal energy accurately, to be able to focus on your aim preferably without loss. Therefore a conscious dealing with feelings is asolutely essential. Specific exercises help building confidence in feelings and sharpen among others the ability to decide intuitively and fast if necessary.