the successful program for top managers and athletes

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Regula Straub, Swiss mountain aid organization

During the Neurocoaching process, it was essential to me to activate my potential and
to make myself more aware of my own skills over a holistic experience.
My motivation to tackle a Neurocoaching intensive training served two ways: on the
one hand, I wanted to expand my horizon in an entirely different way, combine and
boost personal and professional competences in order to commit myself intensely but
more composed and more distant and therefore increase efficiency, concentration and
natural assertiveness. On the other hand, I found myself professionally in a
challenging, very demanding situation that almost brought me to my limits. I wanted
to cope with it without loosing control or overlooking anything important. My goal
was to find a constructive and seminal solution, satisfactory for me and all parties
The intensive week exceeded my (diffuse) expectations: I learned more about me as a
person and as a supervisor than in all the years before. I gained fundamental
knowledge that I can apply directly on my daily management routine, I practised
skills that until today I use one to one in high-pressure situations, during personnel
appraisals or public events.
For me, the special thing about Neurocoaching is the bond between all the
(professional) skills and my personal satisfaction. I go not only for the skill itself but
for my overall personality. The learning process is thereby not an exhausting
aquirement of skills but a joyful integration and realization of existing personality

Tanja Frieden, Snowboardcross Olympc Champion in 200

During my active sporting career I received various trainings and learned techniques that helped me to improve my performance. I came across Neurocoaching in 2004. I sticked at this method for performance optimization since it is the only one to operate holistically. The  objective of Neurocoaching is to optimize the individual as a whole, to reinforce resources of any kind and therefore to support the personality in its entirety.

Neurocoaching is just perfect for those who want to deliver top performance at the right moment (flow), fully concentrate on one’s task and reach goals focused and efficiently.

Using proven training methods we work together towards your goals stepwise. The whole body and especially the brain are going to be involved actively and effectively, existing interferences or blockades are detected and removed. Last but not least, the personal development is central to the whole process.

Cla Mosca, Snowboard World Champion in 1992, Neurocoaching consultant and coach

As a former pro athlete and world champion, I know from experience what is required to perform at the highest personal level. During the Neurocoaching education I experienced once again what it’s like to be under pressure and to be balanced.

The well thought through process makes sure that you arrive at the present and that your thinking, feeling and willing become one. Back to everyday life I could feel the defined conditions and recall them pointedly.

Raphael Diaz,  NHL defenseman, Montreal Canadien

I started with Neurocoaching in 2005 as I had difficulty concentrating and I’ve always been generally interested in mental training. Ever since I worked on my concentration ability both on my own and with a coach.

By the help of Neurocoaching, I Iearned to focus on my game only, supress everything around me, keep cool in the crucial moments of the game and deliver performance at the right time. This ability also helps me to switch off and relax during recovery periods.

The balance between athletic performance and regeneration is extremely important. Besides, Neurocoaching is a school of life to me. I’ve always been setting short, medium and       long-term goals to myself towards which I was working consistently. This focused work with Neurocoaching brought me to where I am now, in world’s best hockey league, the NHL.

Michael Elsener, Caberet artist from Zug

As a cabaret artist I find myself on stage to perform my prepared words. But then, there are many spontaneous ideas coming up and also the audience which gives me further input. My goal is to turn all of it into a well-rounded programme. At the end, the spectators should think that everything was planned, that I wanted it to be this way. Except, that everything happened completely intuitionally, as on stage, there is not much time to think. I can do a successful show only if I am completely at peace with myself, able to focus my energies. That’s where Neurocoaching comes in.

Simona Meiler, Snowboarder

Tanja Frieden made me come across Neurocoaching. At the time when we both competed in the World Cup, I got to know Tanja as a mentally very strong person and athlete. I was curious and excited when she offered me to reveal some tips and tricks and to introduce me into the world of Neurocoaching after her active sports career. To me, Neurocoaching is a holistic instrument. I learned a lot not only as an athlete but also as a student and person. I learned to define aims, to concentrate on a task, to cope with blockades, to become aware of my potential, to rely on it and finally to perform to my best. Neurocoaching is such a sustainable and effective method for me because of its multilevel approach. I am able to control my thoughts and to get into the flow state, I sense and feel the needs of my body and I know methods to relax and let go. Thereby I steadily increase the access to my ressources and can use them on the snow and in my everyday life.

A word from our physician:

Dr. med. Beat Villiger, Chief Medical Officer, Bad Ragaz Medical Center

Deliver top performance - accurately

Top athletes and managers are more than ever under pressure to succeed. Neurocoaching is a technique that enables to recall relaxation and deliver top performance when it really matters – accurately!

Due to my long lasting experience as Olympic Games Head Physician and as director of various medical institutions, I know how important it is to be able to find the balance between maximum concentration and relaxation. It is a crucial factor to be and stay powerful and healthy.

Neurocoaching is designed for performance optimization and is mainly used by managers and top athletes. Potentials and resistances are analyzed, insights are gained and aims are defined.

We use an innovative Neurofeedback tool which was developed at NASA for astronaut training. Therefore, brain waves are measured. The participant trains to control his or her thoughts in order to reach the desired flow state.

On the one hand, managers seek the state of relaxation during which both cerebral hemispheres show intensive waves ranging from 8 to 12 Hz. On the other hand, they learn how to put oneself in the ideal condition of performance. It is reached when the right hemisphere generates intense waves ranging from 13 to 15 Hz. Once both hemispheres range between 38 and 40 Hz, the so-called flow state can be achieved.

Neurocoaching is a unique training program for people who desire to advance their performance potential holistically.