the successful program for top managers and athletes

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Program flow

1. Information talk

The information talk lasts two to three hours and serves to understand the process and the contents of Neurocoaching on the one hand. On the other hand, it allows us to get to know each other. On this basis, both parties can agree to working together.

2. Decision phase - Yes or no to Neurocoaching

Following the information talk, a decision phase of one to two weeks is usually agreed. It is essential, that both parties decide to work together as to the Neurocoaching process.

3. Preparation phase

After a positive decision you will have to reflect and determine your goals. Depending on your wish, you can be assisted by a coach in the course of this. Along with this, we will figure out a date for the Intense Process and make all the necessary organizational and logistic arrangements.

4. Intense Process

The Intense Process is an intensive training program which leads on to Neurocoaching. Thereby, you become familiar with the Neurocoaching intstruments (diverse, interrelated exercises and methods). Personal goals are defined in a simple and comprehensible way and embedded mentally. Besides, the successful implementation is planned and approached.

5. Individual ongoing Neurocoaching

Ongoing training following the Intense Process will be adapted to the individual wishes and needs of the participant.

Take the first step

Without taking the first step, you will never know about the possibilites and chances,     Neurocoaching can provide to you personally. We would be glad, if you decided to learn more about Neurocoaching and would like to invite you to an information talk (contact form).